Your Parisian Tesco

Yes, I am devoting an entire post to this supermarket, as it is just 100% worth the mention. If you’re living here, a stagiaire for a few months or you’re even just visiting, this is where you just need to go for your … everything. Monoprix (pronounced monopree) can be found pretty much on every corner, there will be multiple stores in every arrondissement, so it’s easy to find. To be honest, I wouldn’t even call it a Tesco, because it sells so much more; clothes, homeware, it has its own beauty section and pharmacy with hundreds of different brands … And it’s actually reasonably-priced. I have just been going there to grab my food for dinner on the weekends, but it is great if you want to do a bigger shop, they have all the different sections including a fresh fruit and veg section, with everything colourful and displayed in wooden crates, very European.

What you’ll also find in Paris is that food changes with the seasons – and this goes for pretty much everywhere. In restaurants, supermarkets, brasseries – they all tend to outsource their products locally, so when the seasons change, the produce changes, so the menus change. But this is something I like about eating out or buying food, things are never the same for long and it keeps your diet on its toes!

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